Monday, May 20, 2013

J.E.R.A studios - Photo Albums

J.E.R.A studios here.

I just want to let you know about the new update on ordering photo albums with me.
Now, I only have 2 different sizes (11.5x8.5 & 12x12).

1. 11.5x8.5 album size
    On this size there's two kinds of models. One is hard cover and the second is leather (soft cover) prices are different. For the hard cover album will be $32 (tax not included), minimal pages in an album is 28 pages. For more pages (to add more pages), there will be an additional fee of $2.00/page. For the soft cover album will be $43.99 (tax not included), minimal pages in an album will be the same as the hard cover album. Color for soft cover is available in two colors; black and brown.

                             Example: 11.5x8.5 (hard cover)

2. 12x12 album size
    This size only has one model for now and it's hard cover. Price for this one will be $53 (tax not included), minimal pages in an album is 28. The additional fee for adding more pages is $2.00/page.

                                           Example: 12x12

For the hard cover albums, can choose color of the cover and back and also write on the cover and spine of the album.
For both albums can choose a specific theme for the album (example: birthday, wedding, scrap booking, etc).
It's also optional to write or put a photo in front, back or spine of the album (hard cover) but for the soft cover you have a space to put a photo in the front.

You can email (email down below) me your digital prints of the photos you would like to put in the photo album and specific writings you would like to put on the album.
To process your order, please put a down payment first or pay all in advance.
Accept check, money order, or cash (give in person).
For those who order online, shipping will be included on your order.
All prices are not included with tax, after the "Final Total", tax will be included.

For more information you can contact me:

Thank you and have a great day.


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