Saturday, March 31, 2012


Hi fellow followers and LIKERS ~

Today is already the last day of MARCH : 03.31.12 ~

Get ready for April ~

April Portfolio has already started from the 29th of March until the 23rd of April :)

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Portfolio March ~ Couples♥

Hello again!
This is me again with a new March portfolio ~ COUPLES :)
Hope you like them because I liked editing them :D LOL

1. Kak Ana & Kak Indra ~ Rina Gunawan & Indra Gunawan Putra

2. Dita & Twotaxz ~ Taa Itaa Dieta (@TaaItaaDieta) & @twotaxz_CR

3. Kak Yanthi & Kak Arie ~ Gex Ti'nya Cepot & Arie Namaku

4. Aiiuw & Martono ~ Bantet Nps (@martonoNPS) & @kemaiiuw

5. Giri & Chika ~ @NdraaDiksita & @chichadiksita

6. Fajar & Merly ~ @fajarkrisna1 & @merlysintadewi

7. Dika & Intan ~ Dika Sanjaya & Intann Saraswatii

8. Alit & Fhaa Nhiaa ~ Alidh Panak Mendra & Fhaa Nhiaa 

9. Selvi & Mertha ~ Selvi Sundari & Mertha Umc

10. Gus Arik & special someone ~ Ida Bgs Arik'saputra 

That's all of the couple photo's this month. Hope you like it! :)
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Portfolio March ~ BFFs❤

This is my favorite portfolio because it's all my BFFs :) Hope you like it too! Don't forget to comment and share my blog to your facebook or twitter :D thank you ~

1. Andry ~ Andry 'Positif' Sosial (@andrypositif)

2. April ~ ApRilia DheWy (@ApriliaDhewy)

3. BFFs ~ ApRilia DheWyNouvhi Ovhi Vhie, Intan Permata

4. BFFs ~ ApRilia DheWy and Nouvhi Ovhi Vhie

5. Novi ~ Nouvhi Ovhi Vhie (@nouvhiovhivhie)

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