Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Portfolioku yg Kedua

Portfolioku yg pertama hasil editanku di foto Arissta Gaulia Putri.

Portfolioku yg kedua hasil editanku dg foto" Riry Ariestyana, Jenny Arya R, Intan Arya R, dan Nando. :)

Fisheye edit

Lens Light Edit

Mixed edit

Cool design

Arch Frame & Instagram

comment below buat komentar kalian ttg hasil editanku. Menurut kalian gmn laah ? :) thanks ..

Photo Editing all of Arissta Gaulia Putri :)

Today is February 29, 2012. The last day of this month. I created many editing designs for my photo design portfolio of my bestie, Arissta. Check it Out !! They look great! :*

Please leave a comment below about my portfolio :)
thanks ..

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Nature Photography :)

Some Beautiful Nature Photography :)

Chika | Photography -

February Photo Editing :)

Here are some pictures that I edited. And they look pretty good too ...
Ini hasil karyaku yg aku edit. Dan kelihatannya bagus" jugaakk ..

Arissta Putri - Bestie
Twitter : @arisstaputri
Hasil editan Chika :)

Ayu Ulfa - Adik"an
Twitter : @ayulfa
Hasil editan Chika :)

Jenny Arya - Sister-in-Law
Twitter : @jennyaryaa
Hasil editan Chika :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Aku bikin gambar ini krn temenku yg minta..

Happy 9 months Anniversary Fajar & Merly Bayuntara. Longlast and everylasting love buat kalian berdua!

ISHWW blesses you ...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Spiral Editing

Hi. I just learned something new. I learned to make spiral lights circling an object.
Here is my picture that I edited last night. It's me @ Seaport (NY). Tell me what you think about it. Thanks!

Monday, February 6, 2012


I've made a Valentine's Day card. Even though it's not the one that are usually sold in stores, it's quite creative. It's simple. My newest design :

(Left side) The back of the card. (Right side) The front of the card.

Tell me what you think.
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Thank you :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

My Editing Tools

I use a couple of editing tools. Here they are :

Photoscape v3.6 is the newest version. So if you have a PC or laptop that carries Windows Program you can use that. It's simple and easy to use! I have that in my old laptop.

Adobe Photoshop is really for experts. It's easy to use when you know the basics. But I like using it anyway because it's different from Photoscape.

Instagram is a program for Apple. I use it in my IPAD and IPHONE. It's fun to use as well.

Pixlr-o-matic is a picture editor that can do many things. Make the pictures retro and sorts of stuff. It just can't do the collage stuff. I like using it in my IPHONE. Buy the PLUS version because there are lots of effects and borders.

If you like editing pictures, try what I use. :)

Photography Tools

I love Photography. Here are the tools I use.

This is my Digital Camera : Nikon Coolpix L3

My mom's Digital Camera : Canon Powershot SD790 IS
Takes great pictures!

My trusty camera phone : IPHONE 4

My camera phone : BB Curve 8900 (Javelin)

My Love For PhotoDesign & Photography

Since I started high school, I enjoyed editing pictures. I love to take pictures and editing them. It's just been a high school hobby. But when I got in my senior year, I decided to take Graphic Design for college because I really like doing it. I enjoy working on the computer.

I learn everything by myself. From taking pictures to editing them. My designs aren't bad. They're okay, i guess. I also learn from books and even some tutorials on YouTube. So basiclly, I don't need a teacher sometimes. I love to try something new.

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