Thursday, July 5, 2012

chikaphotodesign has GOOGLE TRANSLATE

Hey everybody ..

chikaphotodesign & chikaphotography now have GOOGLE TRANSLATE.
So for you that can't speack English well, my blog provides you with you language.

Hope this is useful for you guys and you can keep looking at chikaphotodesign's blog! :)

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4th of JULY outing w/ FIBCNY

Yesterday we had a great outing to LAKE WELCH.

The view was beautiful! But when we got there, it was full with people and very very HOT but we had tons of FUN!
Here are the pictures I took w/ FIBCNY (First Indonesian Baptist Church New York).


We had such a great 4th of July :)

Photographed by : Jessica Ekarahayu Astra (Chika)

Copyright : chikaphotography ~

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Looking for models ~

chikaphotodesign are looking for models from toddlers, kids, teens and young adults.

No charge. I'm will to do it for free (for now).

If you live around New York, USA ; please contact Chika : or twitter : @chikaphotograph

Thank you!

​Happy Father's Day ❤

​Happy Father's Day to all the fellow Father's that stop by @ chikaphotodesign ♥

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Hello May :)

#MAYwish : chikaphotodesign will be a success in the future and a lot of people will support chikaphotodesign!

Just to remind you all, if you want your pictures edited and make it into a scrapbook, please contact me (CHIKA) thru email :
You can share you pictures to my page : or personal FB :
Now chikaphotodesign has twitter! So feel free to follow and mention : @chikaphotograph

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Friday, April 27, 2012

APRIL ~ family time

This are the pictures I edited.

chikaphotodesign <3

That's all of chikaphotodesign of family time :)

Portfolio April ~ Mixed Teens

Hello Chika PhotoDesign's fans, this is my newest photodesign creations in APRIL. Please comment and share to your friends, thank you ~
Thank you also for supporting me :)

chikaphotodesign ~

1. Mank Alit ~ Alit Trijayanti

2. Annie ~ Anniee Thyanni

3. Ayu ~ Gek Ayoex

Deo Cheisheiie Willy Pocha ~ 

6. Devii Kristy ~ DeVie Kriisty

7. Gek Ana ~ Gek Anaa Dubidu

8. Gus Wah ~ Guswah Revenga II

9. Kembar Kembir ~ Gek Ayoex & Agung Mega Sii Lola

10. Lina ~ Lina Dewi

11. Widya ~ Bhiiee Purple

12. Dhyand ~ Dhyand Quiin-of Ladyrocker

13. Dian ~ Dian Rismayanti & Dian Risma

14. Fajar ~ Fajar Krisna Part II

15. Ferha ~ FerHa DeuwiiEe II

16. Gaury ~ Gaury Rapunzellbebbyy

17. Gek Cha ~ GEk CHa Cabiiey

18. Gietha ~ A.a. Surya Sagita Dewi

19. Gustu ~ Stokesy Psykho Brutaldeatgrind

20. Intan ~ Intan Arya Dwijayanti

21. Inthan ~ Inthan Prafhchisda Triiee

22. Kak Fitha ~ Gustina Tarigan

23. Linda ~ Linda Virgintcy

24. Marlita ~ Marlita Regina

25. Merly ~ Merly Sinta Bayuntara

26. Nia & Friends ~ Krongkecill MenantiiRhevinna Wulandarii NaxMamiePuTri RaHayuLinda Cublutu AltheaIda Bagus Tria KuntaraDhyand Quiin-of Ladyrocker

27. Noviia ~ Noviia Gunadi Wulandari

28. Risha ~ Risha Iisha

29. Selvi ~ Selvi Sundari

30. Sri ~ Sri Artini II

31. Vira ~ Akuceweg Shii-biintang Keciilandmaniies

32. Yeyen ~ Yeyen Shawol Key

33. Yunia ~ Yunia Baliantara

That's the last of my photo designs for my April portfolio on Mixed Teens :)
Hope you like my designs and hope next month I can improve my skills.

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Thank you ~